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Who We Are!


 Stewart’s Healthcare Consultants (SHC) was established to provide professional consulting services to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, offices, clinics, and any organization desiring to improve its operations. SHC provides the training necessary to drive prices down and reduce the amount of non-valued-added activities, while maintaining a focus on providing excellent customer service. Utilizing tools and resources to manage inventory, make processes lean, train and supply staffing through our lean and CNA curriculum, and ensure industry standard compliance, Stewart’s Healthcare Consultants will help any organization improve operational efficiencies and increase their bottom line in Office, Medical and Maintenance Supplies.

Chief Medical Officer-VP


 Dr. Stewart is a board-certified pediatrician, who graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. After completing medical school, she continued her research in asthma, resulting in publication. She then continued her training at Wright State University's combined civilian and military pediatric residency at Dayton's Children Hospital. Currently, she is practicing as a general pediatrician and pediatric hospitalist. As medical director of Stewart's Healthcare Consultants, Dr. Stewart combines her clinical expertise with her knowledge of Lean principles to help oversee Lean Healthcare projects and implementation. 



 Mr. Stewart holds a MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University, a BS in Healthcare Management from Towson University and is also a Licensed Practical Nurse which he obtained from St. Philips College. Mr. Stewart also holds Black Belts in LEAN and SIX SIGMA with additional expertise that includes strong administrative, operational and leadership skills. His 20+ years of experience in the field of Health Care began in 1989 when he joined the US Army as a combat medic. He has worked in a wide range of healthcare settings from nursing homes, hospitals, and clinics.